THURSDAY 9.23.10 – What is Elements?

Last week we launched our brand new FitCamp Elements program with great success.  A lot of you have asked about this program and how it is different than a normal FitCamp class.   To best answer this question here is a letter from one of our first Elements graduates, Lynn.

“I thought the Elements class was a really thorough introduction to the philosophy and techniques used at Ultimate FitCamp.  I think the emphasis on nutrition is really important because it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that working out is enough to get where you strive to be.   I feel a lot more confident going into class now that I have an understanding of what the moves are and how to execute them properly.  There is definitely still a learning curve and I’m sure there will be blank moments where I forget what exactly a “push-jerk” is, but I’m glad to have learned the basics of each movement.  I also look forward to increasing my weights and noticing a difference in my strength.  I’m sure there will be a lot of questions along the way.
I really like the fact that you talked about how what we’re doing today affects the quality of life in our future.  It’s hard, especially at 24, to think about how everything we do with our bodies and how we eat, etc. can affect our lifespan and our general ability to move when we’re older.  It has made me a lot more enthusiastic about staying in good shape and eating right.  I’m also a lot more fired up about trying new things, like running more, biking, hiking, trying to run a 5K, and maybe a longer distance run eventually.
Off the top of my head I don’t have any questions, although I’m sure I’ll come up with plenty as I go through the different workouts.
I’m glad I signed up for the Elements class.  I think it was extremely helpful and definitely a confidence booster.
See you in class!


Sept 12th 5m Trail Run (guys left to right, David R, Chris N, Nick, girls left to right, Tiffany, Corinne, Cheryl and Angelica)


 THURSDAY:  9/23/10
Back Squat 3RM x 5 on 2 min
The Dead Zone
5 Deadlifts (225/155/115)
10 Push-ups
15 KB Swings (53/36)
20 Sit-ups
AMRAP in 20Min
*NEW 2-DAY ELEMENTS Course starts next week, Sept 27th & 29th from 6:00-7:30pm.  This course will provide you with an incredible foundation for starting and excelling in FitCamp.  4 spots remaining and registration is open to new members, existing members looking to accelerate their results and non-members looking to learn how to train properly and eat healthy.  Register here!