Introducing Our 2013 EXP Affiliate Team

Ever wonder who all those crazies are in the back of the gym swinging on rings and lifting some heavy sh*t? They are our CrossFit EXP Affiliate Team. Some are EXP coaches, some are EXP athletes, all of them have the common goal of competing at the highest level of CrossFit possible. Starting this March they, like all of us at EXP, will begin the CrossFit competition season with the 5 week CrossFit Opens. This is an exciting time at the studio and we welcome and encourage all members to sign-up for the opens and play their part by participating in the WOD,s, cheering on our athletes and sharing in the common bond of “CrossFitting” with one another.
After the Opens, the goal is to qualify for the CrossFit NorthEast Regionals where we would send either individual athletes, a team or both to compete against the top athletes in the NorthEast from the Opens. From there anything can happen and many of our athletes (even though they may be too humble to admit it) and EXP team have a good chance of making it to the “Olympics” of CrossFit, the CrossFit Games in California.
So next time you’re in class, take a moment to say hello and introduce yourself to our EXP Affiliate Team athletes. They have been working their hearts out since last Spring for what’s to come over the months ahead. Wish them the best, give them some support and shout out a few cheers during WOD’s when they need it most. We are all here to grow, learn and share in this crazy Sport called CrossFit and our community is what drives us to succeed and is the glue that binds us all together.

Introducing our 2013 CrossFit EXP Affiliate Team!

Melanie Mikels

Angela Przymusik

Coach Steph McGuirk

Coach Tiffany Normandin

Nate "Natron" Euvrard

Matt Wright

Leo Piro

Coach Ryan Cormier

Brian Malatesta

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