Member Highlight- Janet Cornell

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am a wife, proud mother of two awesome adult children and grandmother of 3 amazing grandkids.

What did you do before you joined EXP?
Well, I have been here awhile in and off since the boot camp days at Doyle field. Patrick has never let me totally off the hook all these years. I have done kickboxing and things on my on.

What was your first class like?
It was tough, almost to the point of being sick, I remember sitting in the car after class not even recognizing the red faced, sweating and hair plastered to my face person staring back at me in the mirror.  I had to sit there and recover for a good 20 mins. But the sick thing is, you just keep going back for more.
Why did you ultimately end up joining EXP?
I kept coming back because:
1st: Patrick is very convincing first off.
2nd: To be flat  out honest, IT WORKS, when you show up and do the work!
3rd:  I have an amazing daughter that keeps me motivated.

How would you describe EXP workouts to someone else?
Challenging, addictive, kick your ass and make you sore as hell for several days. Oh and they can make you swear.

What do you think about your EXP coaches?
Well, I may kid around and say they are trying to kill us but honestly, I feel they are the best of the best. They know what they are doing. They walk the walk and talk the talk. They lead by example. They are very informative, ready to help and cheer/push or whatever you need on any given day. They are top notch!
What has been your most memorable experience since you joined?
There are a lot, competing in the internal competition was difficult, scary and amazing all at the same time. Getting random messages from the coaches are also up there, but when Patrick told me that I had lost 31 pounds (after a remeasure) I was speechless, kept looking at his figures thinking he miscalculated something. He went over the numbers with me again the following week and explained all the calculations.  Down another few lbs now.

What is one accomplishment you are most proud of since you joined?
When I started, I was out of shape and it was a challenge to finish anything without modifications, which makes you feel worse, I was out of breath and in pain. But kept coming and finally changed my diet the last week in September. This is where the saying comes in that you can’t outwork a bad diet. This is where I lost the most weight and gained more endurance. I am no way at my goal or a pro by any means but I feel so much better!!

How has your life changed since you became an EXP member?
Besides my closet getting smaller I just feel better, I have more energy and endurance.

What would you say to someone else thinking of coming in to try a free class or New Member Trial?

  • You won’t regret it!
  • You will gain a family!
  • If you are one that needs motivation, this is the place of
  • A fist pump – gesture of triumph
  • A high five – gesture of congratulations
  • A you got this – a gesture that someone believes that you can and will succeed.
  • Find your path and change your world!!!