Monday 10.3.11

EXP coaches at this weekend's Olympic Lifting Cert with Coach B.

Just a cool pic from last weekend's Garage Games. Cheryl did a great job with pics during the event and uploaded about 500 more to the EXP photowall. Great shooting Cheryl and many thanks for being their to capture the day.


EXP Skill/Strength:
Deadlift Build Up
EXP Workout:
WOD: “Diane”
Deadlift (225/155lbs)
Handstand Push-ups
15 min CAP
Partnered 400m Repeats x 3 (pick a partner with a comparable 400m time as you, each complete alternating 400m sprints while the other rests. Take longer rest if needed to achieve full recovery before each repeat. 1st repeat 80% effort, 2nd 90% effort, 3rd 100% effort. Time each repeat with goal of negative splits, post “Diane” scores and 400m times below.
Post scores and comments below.

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