Monday 11.18.13

Congratulations to everyone who raced this past weekend!

Kris, Brenda & Mark at the Spartan Fenway Race

Matt, Emily & Eric at the Spartan Fenway Race

Lorie at Ironman Arizona


Strength:  Complex- for max load:
1 Clean (power or squat)
2 Front Squats
1 Jerk

WOD: [ Pull Ahead ]

Row 1500m
100 Sit-ups
50 Power Cleans

L1: (95/65)
L2: (75/55)
L3: (65/35)

15 min cap

Buy-Out:  Plank Crankers x 3
60sec Plank
30sec Side plank/Side
60sec Superman

Team Training:  GHD sit-ups for WOD

Post scores and comments below.

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