MONDAY 12.13.10 – The “Afterburn”

What is the “Afterburn” and why is it so important for fat loss? To put it simply the afterburn is the rate at which your body burns fat AFTER you workout. 
Most people believe the real fat loss happens while the sweat is still beading off your forehead but that couldn’t be futher from the truth. It is in the hours after your heart stops pounding that the fat begins to melt away.  That is of course assuming that you are working out in the correct training ZONE when you workout.  If not, then your weight loss efforts could be as frustrating as trying to peel wallpaper from the walls of your grandmothers kitchen. 
So, what’s the best training zone for maximizing your natural fat burning machinery so you get the most from your time at the FitCamp studio, in the gym or at home working out? Here’s a helpful rule of thumb to keep in mind next time your hitting the pavement or lifting weights. 
“The greater the intensity, the greater the afterburn.”
This means the harder you push during your workout the longer your body will burn fat after and at a higher rate. So next time you are about to drop the bar, throw in the towel or take a quick breather try talking yourself into doing a few more reps or going a little deeper into the red zone.  This subtle change in focus during your training sessions and in class will add up to huge results over time.
“Train Hard, Eat Right, Live Fit”
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MONDAY 12.13.10
Overhead Squat 5 x 5RM
5 Burpees
10 Box Jumps
15 Sit-ups
20 min AMRAP