Last week I received an email from my good friend Jayne.  She passed on an article that she found from about surviving the holiday weight gain. 

Since I know the holidays are a time that we ALL struggle with nutrition, I thought we could all use a good read reminding us of some helpful ways to stay healthy during holiday gatherings. 

Thanks for sharing this great find Jayne! 

Below are the key points from the article.   




It is that time of year again. Going shopping, holiday parties, loads of festive foods…and unfortunately for many also a time of unwanted weight gain.

Most people just shrug it off to the “holidays??? and assume that it will be OK once they make their New Years Resolution to lose it. How many really do though?

What is the cost of adding up a few pounds here and a few poundsthere year after year? Why wait till the New Years to make a resolution to stay healthy and lean?

You Can Lose Weight Even During the Holidays

Believe it or not it is possible to lose body fat and still have a social life in the process. No need to hide in the corner and eat celery sticks.

So this guide was put together to give you the top 10 essential tips and strategies to not letting the holidays also mean going up a size in your jeans.

Here are the ways to survive the holiday parties and look great doing it!

      ·     Tip #1: Don’t Show up too Hungry

      ·      Tip #2: Drink Plenty of Water

      ·      Tip #3: Portion Size Does Matter

      ·      Tip #4: Protein Based Foods First

      ·      Tip #5: Be Active Every Day

      ·      Tip #6: Watch Those Liquid Calories

      ·      Tip #7: Use the Calorie Cycling Trick

      ·      Tip #8: Get Out and Socialize

      ·      Tip #9: Strength Train those Muscles

      ·      Tip #10: Slow Down, Relax and Enjoy


READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE: Holiday Survival Guide

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