Nick’s Coaching Corner – What is your “Goat”?

I want to start off by saying that Tiffany, Karen, Patrick and I have seen some huge improvements in members strength over the past few months.  As a community we are all getting so very fit.  It’s inspiring to see from a coaches perspective.  Keep showing up to class, working hard and you will be amazed at how your health, fitness and results will keep compounding week after week.  Speaking for all of us coaches, you’re hard work and commitment over the past few months has been impressive to say the least.

Now, this week I want to talk about “Goats”.  No, not the 4-legged farm animal but rather the term “goat’ as it applies to your fitness.  What is a “goat” you ask.  It is the thing that you hate the most, that you are the weakest at, and that you dread to see come up in a workout.  You hate this “goat” so bad, when you see the workout online, you almost don’t show up! (but you have learned better than that and still tough it out, because you are a FitCamper! Right?)

My biggest “goat” for a long time was handstand push-ups (HSPU’s), and for the longest time I could not do them, or even come close to them. When it was time for me to sign up for the Beast of the East this fall, I knew that I had to conquer that fear.  After signing up for the competition, I was fearful that they would come up, and it would be everyone else standing around me during the competition, and I would still be on my 3rd HSPU of my 1st set, and then time would run out and… Nick in last place!  That is what I pictured in my head!

So what did I do about it?  I worked on them until I was excited to do them in a workout.  At least 3 days a week I would commit to myself to do at least 25 reps before each workout, even if I had to single them out.  After a few weeks I actually started to look forward to HSPU’s in our workouts because I was so proud that I could actually do them.  

….And the amount of time it took me to conquer my goat you ask…..3 short weeks, really not that much time if you think about it.  I knew all summer it was my weakness but only when I took it serious did the results come.

I want you to think about what your workout fear is or weakness is and set a goal over this upcoming month to conquer it.  Is it double unders, pull-ups, lifting heavy weights, running your first mile, your first HSPU or your first toe push-up?  These are just to name a few, but I want to hear from you what your goat is.

Post your “goat” on today’s comment section then be sure to ask your FitCamp coach how to take the appropriate steps to conquer that “goat” over the next month.  Use the monthly goal board at the studio, write your name and the goal of your “goat” up there and then get to work and focus on getting it checked off the list by the end of the month.

Coach Nick

Who's goat is this?

Thursday- 12.08.10


Front Squat

“Air Squat Speed Bump”

100 Air Squats
21 HSPUs/ Strict Shoulder Press (95/96)
30 Pull-ups
100 Air Squats
30 Pull-ups
21 HSPUs/ Strict Shoulder Press (95/65)
100 Air Squats

1 round for time.


DON’T FORGET!  Post your goat to comments using link below.