Monday 12.2.13

Welcome to Decem-Burpee! Yup, that's right- December is all about the Burpees!!!

Here's how it works:

  1. Bring in a children's toy ($10-$20 Value) to EXP to donate to the Ginny's Toy Drive between Dec 1st-Dec 8th
  2. Sign your name up on the whiteboard
  3. Complete 2,500 Burpees in the "25 Days of Christmas" (100 Burpees/Day)
  4. Our studio goal is to complete 100,000 Burpees (thats 40 people completing 2,500 burpees each)

Any burpees we do in class such as the warm-up, WOD or buy-out will count towards your total!


Kris T hitting back squats.

We have about 12 ladies heading to CrossFit Reclamation on Saturday to compete at the "No Baby Leave The Stockings On" competition! Today we are going to be running through one of the WODs. Below is a video on all the movement standards for the weekend. If you are competing, be sure to review these and ask a coach if you need any guidance. Good luck ladies!



Strength: Back Squat ss w/Max HS Holds or HS Walks

WOD: [ Too much egg nog ]

10 OHS
10 Burpee over bar

8 min AMRAP

L1: (115/75)
L2: (95/65)
L3: (65/45)

Rest 4 min Then:
200m Run on 2 min x6

Buy-Out:  DB Bench Press 10.10.10.

Team Training: Follow Class.

Post scores and comments below.

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