Tuesday 12.3.13

An excert from a great book "It Starts with Food."  Lets lift something heavy today!

CF EXP Knee Socks are ORDERED and will be in by the end of this week!  Sign your name on the sheet at the gym to reserve yours!



Strength: Deadlift

WOD: [ Time to Pull ]

4 Rounds
(1 Round=3 Min):

30 Sit Ups
20 Pull Ups
10 Deadlifts

Remaining time in that 3 min=Max Meters on the Rower

Rest for exactly 3 min

L1: BW Pull Ups/ DL (225/155)
L2: 15 Banded Pull Ups/ DL (185/135)
L3: 15 Jumping Pull Ups/ DL (135/95)

Buy-Out:  Banded Pull Aparts 3x 15-20

Team Training: 3-5 Bar Muscle-Ups between strength sets.  WOD: DL (275/185)

Post scores and comments below.

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