Wednesday 12.4.13

Guess who???


CF EXP Knee Socks are ORDERED and will be in by the end of this week!  Sign your name on the sheet at the gym to reserve yours!



Strength: None.

WOD: [ On the Ball ]

With a partner, complete the following, 1 Person works at a time.  Team chooses order, once you start a task, you must complete it before moving on.

100 Bosu Ball Plyo Lunges
200 PB Leg  Curls
300 Double Unders (600 singles)
400m Farmers Carry (45/30)

(25 min cap)

Buy-Out:  None.

Team Training: Easy Cardio- sweat for 15-20 min.  30 min mobility.  Optional goat Work- ex: muscle-up transitions.  Keep the reps low and the weight light.  This is a day just to practice good muscle memory and groove movement patterns.

Post scores and comments below.

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