Sunday 12.1.13

Row-Vember was very successful!  Not only did we have a good handful of members reach their 100,000 meter goal, we also had a fun 1/2 Marathon Row event and were able to raise $1,600 to send to the victims affected by the typhoon in the Philippines.  Congratulations to everyone who participated!

So what’s next you may ask???

Decem-Burpee! Yup, that's right- December is all about the Burpees!!!

Here's how it works:

  1. Bring in a children's toy ($10-$20 Value) to EXP to donate to the Ginny's Toy Drive between Dec 1st-Dec 8th
  2. Sign your name up on the whiteboard
  3. Complete 2,500 Burpees in the "25 Days of Christmas" (100 Burpees/Day)
  4. Our studio goal is to complete 100,000 Burpees (that’s 40 people completing 2,500 burpees each)

Any burpees we do in class such as the warm-up, WOD or buy-out will count towards your total!



Gary being cheered on by his girls as he finishes "Elizabeth."  Yes, you must wear a gray T-shirt to be part of the family!


Strength: None.

WOD: [ Open Gym ]

Come make up a WOD from the week or work on a strength or skill.

Buy-Out:  None.

Post scores and comments below.

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