Saturday 11.30.13

Come Support the members at CF EXP completing the 1/2 Marathon Row today! (That's 21,097 meters for you math folks!!!)

  • Individuals Heat 7:00am
  • Team Heat 9:00am
  • Entry fee= $20/person.  You may donate online HERE or by cash or check the day of.

 100% of the money raised will go directly to Action Against Hunger, an organization supporting victims of the recent Typhoon in the Philippines by delivering safe drinking water and water purification kits, supplies for latrine construction, power generators, and emergency relief kits to provide displaced families with soap, blankets, and other much-needed essentials

Today is also the last day to bring in canned goods which will be donated to GINNY'S FOOD PANTRY.

Kendra & Melissa have been putting in lots of extra work to reach their 100,000 meter goal each!


Strength: None.

WOD: [ 1/2 Marathon Row ]

21,097 meters

Individuals will row the total distance

Teams of 4 will break up the distance however they choose.

Buy-Out:  None.

Post scores and comments below.

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