Monday 5.9.11

They made it! (And we're pretty sure with those shirts on you can track their entire journey using Google Earth)


Strength: 3 Position Clean
6 Sets

4 rounds for time

6 Power Snatch
9 Push-Jerks
12 Box Jumps

Rx for men is 95lbs and a 24″ box, women 65lbs and a 20″ box.
Goal: This is a short, HIGH intensity workout with an 8 min CAP. Scale weight and box height as needed to keep relative intensity as HIGH as possible, completing 4 rounds as quick as possible. Think “Fran Intensity”.
WOD 2: Core Super set
15 Good Mornings
15 V-ups
3 Rounds NOT for time.


MAY 2011 Athlete of the Month! – To be announced this week!

2011 CrossFit Games North East RegionalsJune 17th, 18th and 19th in Canton MA at the Reebok Headquarters. This event is going to be INCREDIBLE so block off one or all of those dates to head on down and check it out. E-mail Patrick if you are interested in going.

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