Nicks Coaching Corner- ‘I’m Injured, Now What?”

We have all been there….. injured. We are all going to be there again at some point (not frequently hopefully…..).
The true question is how are you going to cope with the situation that is either going to make you weaker or stronger? Are you going to stop working out completely? Start eating bad because you are stressed out about the situation? Or are you going to say to yourself that this is “an opportunity” for you to work on another aspect of your fitness/ health? If you injured your lower body, can you still work on your upper body, or vice verse?  Or, if you can’t do anything, does that leaves extra time to focus on nutrition and learn about your injury and how to prevent future occurrences? Who knows, it may give you time to focus on your “goats” (exercises and movements you need to get better at, usually the thing that people hate doing the most, but get the most gain from).
The point I am saying is this: If you injure ONE joint or muscle group in your body, you still have a TON of other joints/ muscles to workout with! Its not an all or nothing affect, do something, anything, show up for your workout! If you are coming to FitCamp, don’t “feel bad” about having the instructor change the workout for you, that is why we are here, to adapt the workout to your ability. The workout that is posted on the website daily is a general goal, don’t not show up to class because you cannot do the workout on the website, just give your instructor a heads up (15 minutes early) when you get there that you have some concerns for the workout that day, and we will take care of the rest!
Not only will working out help you mentally, but it helps the healing process of the injured joint/ muscle. There have been studies on how working only one side of your body can affect and increase the strength of your non-working side. Also, just by getting your heart rate up, you are “flushing” fresh blood full of nutrients into that affected area, helping the healing process. (I am talking about general injuries such as muscle and joint damage, there are exceptions to this)
So, get up, get moving (the muscles and joints that you can, not the injured ones just yet!), and keep on your path to better fitness! I heard a great quote during a movie this weekend, “you are either getting better or you are getting worse, there is no staying the same in life,”. Which side are you on when something like an injury slows you down a bit, are you going to stop in your tracks and move backwards, or are you still charging forward (even if it is at a slower pace for the time being)?
Be better than yesterday,
Coach Nick
Thursday 11.18.2010
Max Front Squat on 2 min.
7 Rounds of:
3 Squat cleans 135/95
6 KB Swings 32/24kg
9 Box Jumps 24/20″
12 Push-ups