WEDNESDAY – 11.17.10

Our FitCamp for Kids PreSchool classes are just beginning to take off.  Imagine what shape you would be in today if you had started a program like FitCamp for Kids when you were just 3-5 years old!!  In today’s society it is SO important that kids learn the importance of exercise and eating healthy from a young age. 
If you have young children or know someone that does, come and try a class for free any Wednesday at 10:30 AM, just call the studio at 978-537-4200 and book a free intro class for you and your kids.
Karen 🙂
WEDNESDAY: 11.17.10
“Anger Management”
1 mile run
50 Pull-ups
75 Double Unders
100 Lunges (50/side)
1 mile run
1 Round for time.
30 min CAP