Paleo Challenge

“Learn It As If You Are Going To Teach It”

We should all take this principle to heart for our health, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. In regards to nutrition, how well could you tell a freind about your Paleo lifestlye? Could you tell them what is considered a carbohydrate, fat, or protein under the Paleo guidelines? Could you tell them why you are not eating dairy, grains, or legumes? If you cannot not tell one of your “non-Paleo” friends the bigger picture of what you are doing with your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle habits, how well do you understand what what you are doing yourself?

My first experience of this happened when I was in high school. I started tutoring others in math during my free block, and do you know what happened? Literally as I was explaining the material to them, I started to gain a better understanding of the material myself. By teaching math to others, and speaking the words out loud and explaining it to them, I found a greater understanding of the material. I have found this “learn it as if you are going to teach it” has worked every time. When I started personal training others, I became more fit. When I helped a few people with their swim technique, I got a better understanding of my own swimming technique. Everywhere I look, this formula has lead to success foreveryone involved in the process, the teacher and the student.

So I encourge you to take this persepective for the rest of the Paleo Challenge, learn your foods, nutrients, and healthy habbits well enough to teach to others. Not only will you then grasp the material better yourself, but who knows how you will motivate the people close to you!

Keep Eating Clean,

Coach Nick



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