Saturday 09.29.2018


WOD (Getting close):
Team Wod
Bike 3 miles
100 KB Swings (53/35)
100 Push ups
Bike 2 miles
100 MB toss partner Sit-ups (20/14)
75 Push-ups
Bike 1 mile
100 MB Squat Cleans (20/14)
50 Push-ups
Super Food September: Citrus Fruit
Citrus contains flavonoids, plant compounds that may promote heart health. Antioxidant-rich red grapefruit helped lower “bad” LDL cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels.
It’s no secret that citrus delivers a healthy dose of vitamin C (51 mg in an orange, 38 mg in a grapefruit, and 30 mg in a lemon). And while vitamin C can’t prevent colds, research suggests it might reduce the duration and severity of them.
When you hear “potassium,” you probably think of bananas. But citrus is also a great source of this mineral, which is important for fluid regulation, mineral balance, and muscle contraction. Potassium also works to counter-regulate the amount of salt in your diet by helping your body flush out sodium.