Saturday 11.2.13

Weekend schedule:

Saturday 11/2: NO classes

Sunday 11/3: Open Gym 9:15-10:15am

Be sure to stop by the gym TODAY from 9am-5pm to cheer on all the teams participating in the CF EXP Fall 4 Some!

Kris dragging the tire while Brian checks to see if there's something stuck underneath.

Click HERE to find the HEAT ASSIGNMENTS and SCORES for the Fall 4 Some!

The first 3 events for the teams:

WOD 1: Evans C&J Total (Sponsored by Evans on the Common)

600m Run

Clean & Jerk Team Total

8min CAP

Entire team must complete 600m run before moving on to establishing Clean & Jerk total of all 4 team members

WOD 2: "Embrace the Burpees" (sponsored by LIVE SORE)


5min AMRAP of BBJ's (24") followed by…


5min AMRAP of BBJ's (20")

Score equals total reps combined between guys and girls

3A) "Fuel for 4K" (Sponsored by Fuel for Fire)

4K Row for Time…

3B) "Wicked Chipper" (Sponsored by Wicked Athletica)

30 Back Rack Lunges (115/75)

60 TTB

90 WB (20 to 10'/14 to 9')

120 DUs

x2 Rds

Both parts A&B will be performed at the same time. 1 person on the rower at a time, 1 person working in the chipper at a time, you may rotate through all 4 teammate at any point. Each part will be scored as its own workout! 20 min CAP for both.



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