Thursday 11.20.14

Family Always Comes First!
At about 12:30am Tuesday November 18th, Natasha received a call from her sister and could tell she was in distress. She explained that there had been a fire, everyone was okay but that all of her appliances were gone, she lost all of her shoes and some clothing and what hit Tasha hardest is that her nephew lost mostly all of his winter jackets, shoes and toys.
While the family is most thankful that no one was hurt, Tasha trying to do what she can to help out.  She has put together a fundraising page at  Also, if you would like to pass along boys winter clothes size 6/7 to Tasha’s nephew, you may leave them at the studio.  We appreciate everyone’s support!

 **SAVE THE DATE: Saturday November 29th** 1/2 Marathon Row!
7am Individuals, 9am Teams of 3-5.  Start putting those teams together!
CF EXP November & December Calendar of Events:

  • CF EXP 3-Day Refresh December 1st-December 3rd! In just 3 short days you can get your health, energy and cravings back on track- all without starving. You will feel lighter and more energized (and your clothes will fit better too!) Order your kit HERE by 11/21!
  • 12/2 EXP Kids Program LaunchSign up HERE!
  • Every Saturday! Mobility Class w/Jenn 10:30-11:00am

WOD: [ 1 min Partner drills ]

With a partner
1 min max row for meters x 4 rounds
2 min rest
1 min max d unders X4 rds
Rest 2 mins
1 min max burpees X 4 rds
Post scores in comments below.

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