Thursday 11.7.13

Do you log your workouts?  Weither it be an EXP Journal, a notebook, your smartphone app or our website, keeping track of your workouts is your golden ticket towards results.  Everything you do at the gym should be recorded and here's why: (courtesy of

An Accurate Record: First, the log keeps an accurate record of what you really did. Even if you think you have a near-photographic memory when it comes to your sets and reps, I'll bet you've made mistakes in the past and either repeated a weight or made too large of a jump in a strength session.

A Teaching Tool: Writing down the workout you just completed, thinking about it, analyzing it, helps ingrain that information in your head.   Those that keep a log can rattle off what their 1,3,5,10 RMs are because they "studied" it already by writing it down. And if they don't know, they can at least look it up in short order.  This is also very helpful to your coaches!  The more you know about yourself, the more we can help YOU!

A Written Motivator:  A workout log can also be very motivating. You can look back a month or a year into the past and see that your toughest WOD or movement then is a strength for you now.  This is what also makes a workout log very rewarding. There are few areas in life where you get the sort of constant and objective feedback that your workouts provide. Every strength session and WOD is invaluable data about your progress; all you have to do is interpret it – and when the overwhelming majority of it is positive, that can go a long way towards building confidence and self-esteem.

Injury Prevention: Workout logs can help predict and even prevent injury. When injuries occur you can go back through your log and see if you can identify why – too much volume, ignoring nagging signs of injury, too much load before you were ready, whatever.  Once you can pinpoint what affects you negatively, you can (hopefully) plan things out so you're less likely to have similar problems in the future.

So start loggin those WODs!  Our Comments section of our site it a great place to log your WODs.  You can then easily use the search feature on the site to look back on previous lifts, movements and WODs.  Let's see some more names being posted daily!




Strength: Bench Press 10.10.10. SS w/ 3 Max sets of Strict Pull Ups

WOD: [ Pull Push ]

Row 150m
15 HR Push Ups
x10 Rds

Compare to 6.14.13

Buy-Out:  Front Squat SS w/ 10 Strict TTB

Team Training Notes: Follow Class

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