Thursday 2.24.11 – Who is the March 11′ A.O.M.?

As FitCamp/CrossFit coaches Nick, Tiff and I (as well as our new coaches in training Brian and Jared) see the amazing accomplishments and share in the inspiring experiences of our members each and every day. 
We see the moments when a member unknowingly becomes a motivator and leader by cheering on a fellow classmate as they tough through the end of their workout or when they take the time to teach a new member proper form or technique after class.
We see when the desire to learn and master a certain exercise becomes such a driving force that arriving early, staying late, watching video and asking questions becomes part of a member’s daily routine.
We see when the movements and workouts really start to “click” for a member and they start to excel in class due to their positive attitude and strong work ethic they bring with them to the studio each and every day.
We see when a member starts to take control of their nutrition and the real results start to become so obvious that the lean midsection, defined shoulders and sculpted back muscles are hard NOT to notice and the compliments and looks of awe become hard to keep track of.
As coaches we see so many amazing things happening every day at the studio and as a member you likely can pick out the many members at this time who stand out and exhibit the characteristics above.  They are motivators and leaders, they have a desire to become better and learn, they always bring a positive attitude and a strong work ethic and they practice healthy nutritional choices… And because of all these things they have seen incredible results. 
I would like to take this time to introduce to you a new concept we will be starting at the studio this coming March.  It is called the… Athlete Of the Month!  Each month we will be selecting one member who we feel exhibits some or all of the characteristics mentioned above.  We will be bringing them into the lime light and sharing their FitCamp story with you and all of the members.  Stay tuned for our March 2011 Athlete Of the Month announcement coming soon!
Coach Patrick 
Ultimate FitCamp – Coaching. Community. Results!
P.S. If you would like to nominate a fellow member for an upcoming AOM please post their name and your reasoning to comments.

"Girl time"

Today’s Workout:
Back Squat
10 Wall Balls
30 Double Unders
12 min AMRAP
Partnered Sprints
30:30 x 7
Level 1: (women) 10lb ball/8′ target/150 singles, (men) 14lb ball/10′ target/150 singles
Level 2: (women) 10lb ball/10′ target/30 attempts, (men) 20lb ball/8′ target/30 attempts
Level 3: (women) 14lb ball/10′ target/30 doubles, (men) 20lb ball/10′ target/30 doubles
Friday 2/25/11:  FitCamp SOCK Day!

This Friday, February 25th wear your most colorful and creative socks to class.
Saturday 2/26/11:  Come Listen to Lydia Sing!
Lydia and her band East of Shirley will be doing a gig this saturday starting at 8pm at The Java Room in Chelmsford.  If you’ve never been to the Java Room, they serve some amazing desserts, coffee and cocktails and provide a wonderfully warm and inviting atmosphere. And if you have never heard Lydia sing she has an amazing voice so come join your fellow FitCamp friends for a great night out.  Hope you can make it!
Paleo Challenge:  Day 39
Mid-point weigh-ins this saturday, 2/26/11 from 9am-11am!

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