Thursday 2.3.11

We study, we practice, we teach.  What we do in FitCamp and what many CrossFit coaches and members do all over the country is strive to becoming masters of fitness. We don’t just go to the gym to simply break a sweat, burn a few hundred calories and then call it a day.  We actually have an interest in becoming healthier, fitter and better athletes. We want to learn how to execute certain movements so that with proper form and technique we may push our bodies that little bit extra to elicit a more favorable change in the way we look, feel and perform.  Today’s video will teach you one simple technique to optimizing your push press. Watch this video and then use what you learn in today’s class practicing the movement with the ultimate goal of mastery.  Do this with all movements and you will be on your way to mastering the main subject that you come to the studio for in the first place, fitness. Always remember the magic of fitness is in the movements and you must first study, then practice and finally share what you’ve learned by teaching others.

Today’s Workout:
Strength:  Push-Jerk
3Rm x 5
4 Squat Cleans (115/75lbs)
5 Push-Presses (115/75lbs)
6 T2B/Pull-ups
7 Rounds for time
*T2B/Pull-ups: from hanging position perform 1 pull-up then 1 toes to bar. For band assisted pull-ups do 6 pull-ups then 6 toes to bar or knees to elbows.
Paleo Challenge:  Day 18