Thursday 2.5.15

A behind the scenes look at our member Sue M- A sneak peak into her life as a Motocross racer!
When asked to define her definition of success, Sue said “It used to be bringing home the trophy. Now, the definition of “success??? in racing has shifted.??? As she has introduced her son to the sport, she realizes the lessons are not just about the win. “It’s important to “show up??? and do your best. Regardless of how you place, you’re already a success for just being there and competing.  It takes hard work and commitment. Some good things come simply as a result of hard work and being consistent.  If my son can learn this in sports, I believe he can apply the same work ethic to every aspect of his life.???
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sue m


WOD: [ Swole Mate ]

1000m Row
50 Plyo Lunges
25 Vertical Ring Rows
x 3 rounds
30 min Cap
L1-1000m, Plyo Lunges, Legs straight rows
L2-1000m row, Jumping Lunges, 25 Bent knee rows
L3-800m row, Alt. Lunge, 25 incline rows
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