Thursday 3.10.11

Are you ready for spring?
There are a few races and events that have been buzzing around the studio that many members are setting as upcoming Spring goals. One  race is called the “Tough Mudder” on May 8th, and the other is a half marathon called the “Run to Remember” on May 29th.
If you are looking for an adventure race with lots of challenges and fun that you can do with us then check out the Tough Mudder. There are already about 10 people at the studio who are going to participate in this race and the race is 90% full. If you are interested make sure to sign-up asap! Our team name is Ultimate FitCamp and our password is properly chosen as… ‘socks’. It should be a great day and we would love to get as many people as possible to go represent the studio and head to the race for a fun filled day together. 
If getting dirty is not your cup of tea then another race you can shoot for is the Run to Remember.  There is a half marathon (13.1 miles) and a 5 mile road race. There are already a good size crew of FitCampers  going and once again the more people are on board the better experience it is for all. 
So if you want to set an amazing goal this spring and start your summer off right then send me an email and get on board with one if these two events.  Setting a training goal like one of these will give your training even more purpose than ever and provide a new sense of direction and focus in your workouts.  Not to mention you will have a blast accomplishing either or both of these goals!
See you in the mud or on the road,
Coach Nick
P.S. – There are a whole bunch of races and events on the schedule for this spring and summer so stay tuned for more racing action to come!
P.S.S. – With the frigid days of winter behind us – we hope – we will start programming in some running in some of our upcoming workouts. We recommend bringing an extra layer to class so you are always prepared in the event of a few short running routines in the near future (hint, hint).

Andy, working on his push presses

Today’s Workout:

Strength:  (Building strength: week 3 of 6)
Back Squat
5x3Rm (
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
10 Overhead Squats
6 rounds for time
20 min CAP
Level 1: Women: assisted pull-ups, 45lb OHS, Men: assisted pull-ups, 65lb OHS
Level 2: Women: Kipping pull-ups, 65lb OHS, Men: Kipping pull-ups, 95lb OHS
Level 3: Women: Rx pull-ups, 80lb OHS, Men: Rx pull-ups, 115lb OHS

Sat, Mar 12th, 11:30-12:30pm: Pull-up/Double Under Workshop
Learn what it takes to get your 1st or 30th pull-up and the tips and tricks to conquering consecutive double unders during this 1 hour workshop with Nick and Tiffany. $20 pre-registration by signing up at the studio before March 9th or $25 at the door. Space is limited to 20 people max. See event flier… (or FitCamp members can e-mail us to save a spot) (SOLD OUT!)
Paleo Challenge: Day 53

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