Today we say goodbye…

As we look forward to the summer months ahead at EXP there are some exciting events in the works along with new programs, classes and coaches coming on board (our new EXP Kids coaches Stacey and L1!!).
Through all this excitement I want us all to pause and take a moment to formally say goodbye to two of our amazing EXP athletes and coaches Brian and Leo.
Brian and Leo have been a part of our EXP coaching staff, competition team and community for just over 2 years and it is a bitter-sweet feeling for all of us to see them go. We will be losing two incredible athletes and coaches but at the same time we celebrate in knowing they will be moving on to pursue their dreams and visions of owning their own affiliate.
From all of us at EXP, we wish you both the very best success in business and in life and as always we will be here to offer our support in any way we can over the months and years to come.
– Patrick

Leo representing at the 2012 Fall Firebreather festival

Brian during our 2011 EXP Internal throwdown

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