Tuesday 10.09.2018


STRENGTH: Bench Press for Speed
Build to 60-70%% of your 1rm, then-,4 .
-Goal is to perform these reps in under 4 seconds,be as fast and explosive as possible on the way up as you can. If you feel “slow”, lighten up the weight so that the bar moves fast.
WOD: (Trilogy)
300m Run
20 Pull-ups
20/15 Push-ups
x 4 Rds
20min CAP
L1(+)- 400m Run, 10/6 M-ups, 3 rds
L1- 15/12 CTB, 15/12 dips per rd
L2- 200m, 20 pull-ups, 20 push-ups
L3- 200m row, 20 jumping pull-ups, 20 knee push ups