Tuesday 10.13.15

De-Load week.  Work to 80% effort this week on strength/skill work.  We will be re-testing next week!
STRENGTH: Dip Max + OTMEM 3 ME Dip sets, on 2 min (at min 0, 2, 4 on the OTMEM timer).Then for another 8mins (12 total minutes) OTMEM 4-5 Dips (Add weight/ difficulty as needed to achieve failure close to 5), shoot for more total volume then previous week

Or Close Grip Bench building

WOD: [ 3/4th Nicole ]
400m Run (2min cap)
Max Pull-ups
-when you drop from ME pull-up set, run again
15min Amrap

-score totala pull-ups
L1-400m, bw
L2/M-300m, banded
L3-200m run, V-rows

A) 4 x 25 Hollow Rocks
B) 4 x 35sec. HS Hold between each set
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