Tuesday 11.12.13

From the members:

"I have been coming to EXP for 9 months now.  In that time, I have lost 70 lbs.  I started going to EXP with two friends on a whim.  I was very nervous and insecure jumping into such an intense workout regimen after being dormant for years.  In February, I had a 10 year reunion coming up for a college baseball team that reached the NCAA tournament.  Besides the team accomplishments, I always remembered that time as the ‘best shape of my life.’  I had focused that offseason on training and found a new love for the gym.  I was a gym rat working on new high intensity workouts, improving my numbers and lowering my body fat percentage.  When the season was over I continued to work out but not at the same intensity.  I always thought I could get back into that shape at any time by incorporating the same routine.  Unfortunately, 10 years had now passed.  I had a gym membership for years but would rarely use it or go on a tear for 2 weeks and get bored of the same old routine.  I always thought of myself as an athlete but now I was 292 lbs and had become the person I used to despise: I saw people focusing on physical fitness as a waste of time.  I began making excuses about lack of time, work schedule, my wife’s schedule, you name it I used it.  I had two kids and another one expected in a few months and I could not keep up with them.  I really fell off the deep end when I completely stopped watching what I ate.  I always ate a lot but I still knew what wasn’t nutritional and I tried to limit it.  Diet soda, a sleeve of Oreos and a bowl of ice cream was now a nightly routine and quality of life was poor.  Something had to change.

Luckily the three of us signed up together so I was forced to take the first step.  We did our first class at 5:15AM.  It was a team WOD with 6 stations and 3 rounds.  By the end of it I had been lapped and couldn’t do half the workouts but I had found the high intensity workout I was looking for.  I was hooked.  I started routinely going at 5:15AM.  I never would have thought I would get up at 4:30AM to go to the gym but it had become the best part of the day.  I also never thought I would do a pull up, rope climb, double under or HSPU.  The Crossfit cult like mentality I feared was no different than any team I had been on before.  The constantly changing programming, competitive nature, and EXP atmosphere motivated me to keep coming back.  The coaches’ attention to detail and ability to focus on the group and each individual’s progress was inspiring and something I never experienced before.  I am eternally grateful for the coaches and the members that pick you up when you’re down.   Nothing motivates more than results.  I was losing 10lbs a month and my energy skyrocketed.  My quality of life and confidence was improving exponentially all while making friends on a daily basis.  I am now at the same weight I was 10 years ago but physically and athletically stronger.  I never set a goal when I started because I had it burnt into my brain I would not succeed.  I still do not have a goal because I don’t know where the limit is.  I’m doing things I never imagined I could.  I wish someone had told me sooner to get rid of the excuses and the fear of the unknown and just try EXP."

-Adam T

Adam's 1st Day at CF EXP (Pictured on the right)

Adam competing at the CF EXP Fall 4 Some


Strength: FS


20 WB
10 Pull Ups
20 Lunge Steps w/ MB
10 TTB

x3 Rds

Level 1: 30/20# WB to 10', C2B Pull Ups
Level 2: 20/14# WB to 10'
Level 3: 14/10# WB to 9'

Buy-Out:  3-5 sets: 50' Yoke Carry for max load 

Team Training:  Start class w/ 3-5 sets Max Bar Muscle Ups.  Follow Level 1 for WOD.

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