Tuesday 11.5.13

From the members:

"I am 51 years old, and was in fairly good shape before starting my 6 week trial membership.  In just the first 5 weeks I dropped 2% body fat, lost 3 pounds of fat, and gained 4 pounds of muscle! Unbelievable!  It was possible because CrossfitEXP has the best, most professional and caring staff who have created a very tight community of people who support each other.  The trainers are able to find that balance between pushing you to your potential while also ensuring you don't overdo things to the point of injury.  No one is too old or out of shape to benefit from the workouts since everything is specifically tailored to your experience and abilities!  I love my new CrossFit EXP family!" -Sue M

Sue completing "Grace" at this year's Barbells for Boobs.  Photo courtesy of 4 Star Productions.


Strength: Back Squat 10.10.10.

WOD: [ Remedy ]

800m Run then
Pull Up
Wall Ball
Then 800m Run

Buy-Out:  Add some distance to your Row-vember challenge!

Team Training Notes: SS Back Squat with 3-5 Muscle-Ups.

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