Tuesday 3.12.13

EXP Member Success Story:
“I have been a hyperactive, physically adventurous person since I was born, but somewhere along the way, I ruptured a disc in my lower back. Over the last 10 years, out of pain and fear of pain, I let go, one by one, all of the fun, physical activities in my life. I cried at my very last yoga class when I realized that every pose had to be adapted, and I was still in constant pain. For approximately the last two years, I have done NOTHING more physically strenuous than walking the dog. I was resolved to my fate of never sleeping, being forever bloated, tired, crabby, and in pain. I had turned 30 years old in the best shape of my life, but turned 40 in the worst. Losing all my muscle mass had done terrible things to my body and my mind. I felt not just old, but decrepit. Everything hurt.
My husband and I learned about CrossFIT through a friend in CT. At first I thought, “How great for you, but I could never do that because of my back.??? When my husband joined EXP, I talked with my chiropractor, and he was extremely encouraging. I authorized my Dr. to discuss my disc issues with Patrick and Nick. After his conversations, he assured me I was in capable hands. I was extremely nervous to start…okay, TERRIFIED…yet also impatient to start living my life again, rather than just limping along for the miserable ride.
One month later I had my first follow up with my Dr. since starting CrossFIT (and 2 months since following the Zone diet), and he was GIDDY! The improvements to my entire being are so numerous! Where do I begin?
What I imaged could never happen again, has started to happen within the first month. My muscles and my energy are back!! Even more drastic has been the improvement in my flexibility. I’m taller. I sleep through the night (even with sore muscles from a WOD). (Sore muscles? YES, please! Sciatica? Knock on wood…) Once I got used to the required movements, and things stopped being brand new, I’ve done things I thought I’d never do again, and I feel amazing doing them! Everyday chores which annoyed my back are easier now. (Now they’re just mentally annoying.) We’re already making big plans for some serious outdoor fun! All my old activities are back on the roster!!
On a purely narcissistic note, I’ve gone from “belt optional (or maybe not possible)???, to “wearing the belt on the second hole just to keep my pants up!??? I’m happily shopping in my closets and drawers for clothes I haven’t worn in 10 years. However, as delighted as I am with the changes in my clothes, all that takes a far, far back seat to the change in my outlook on life. I have hope once again for a happy, healthy future! I’m sad that I didn’t discover this 10 years ago, but so happy that I have it now. I feel like I’ve been a prisoner in my own body for the last 8 years, and CrossFIT EXP gave me the key to my cell! The coaches have been amazing; encouraging and positive. I was very self-conscious of coming in the “cripple???, and dragging down the pace of a class. Nothing could be further from the truth! Like all great teachers, they help bring each individual from where they are to where they can be. To do that well, they get to know each person. It’s unlike any other gym atmosphere I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve been to a lot. EXP is small, personal, optimistic, friendly, warm, fun; I look forward to each WOD, and wish I could go every day. It’s been the best physical and emotional therapy I’ve ever had, and I’m SO thankful I found it.
My message to anyone out there who is suffering with back pain, or other “limitations??? is this…if you think you can’t do CrossFIT, think again! It just may change your life, too!”
Yours in joyful health,
Amy R.

Some of our Athletes at Sunday's OPENS WOD 13.1


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Skill/Strength: None
WOD: [Blitz]
600m Run
30 KB Swings (53/35lbs) *Games standard
3 Rounds for time.
15min CAP
L-sit/Chair Sit (accumulate 90 seconds in as few sets as possible).
On each break perform 10 OH Walking Lunges per leg (45/25lbs).
Post scores to comment box below.


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