Wednesday 10.16.13

From the members:

"I started Crossfit Exp the beginning of July and its now 6 weeks later and i've lost a total 4 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips that's just a little of the inches i've lost. My cloths are getting way to big. One of my goals is to do a competition like i've always dreamed to and at crossfit my dream will come true. The coaches are very helpful and encourage you to do your best." -Tamie C.



Strength: None.

WOD: [Deceptively Delicious]

With a partner alternate rounds to complete 10 rounds (5/partner):

150ft tire drag (45/25)

15 KB SDLHP (53/35)

15 Russian twists/ side (53/35)

25 min cap

Buy-Out: Mobility

Team Training:

Easy Cardio- sweat for 15-20 min. 30 min mobility. Optional goat Work- ex: muscle-up transitions.  Keep the reps low and the weight light.  This is a day just to practice good muscle memory and groove movement patterns.

Post scores and comments below.

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