Wednesday 2.13.13

From Karri L.
“Since joining EXP just over a month ago, I have gained noticeable strength, increased my flexibility, improved my nutrition, and embrace the quote: “it’s never too late to be who you might have been??? as I strive to become a better version of myself. This is all possible and thanks to the encouraging staff, welcoming members, and outstanding coaching!
How did this all begin? Well, my mother gave my husband and I a gift certificate so that we could have a place where we could both workout together. We have loved the experience and we are surprising ourselves on a daily basis with what we are able to accomplish. Perhaps, the most surprising thing occurred at our first Throwdown. We were on different teams and we both had a great time working with our teammates. Leading up to the event, the training was fun and we enjoyed pushing ourselves while learning proper techniques. I struggled with, and still do, remembering all the new terms. I didn’t really even know what all the WOD’s in the Throwdown entailed, but that didn’t matter because of the support of everyone involved.
I remember feeling super nervous as I walked into EXP, but that quickly vanished when I felt the family atmosphere inside. My teammates were outstanding and we actually went on to win. My husband’s team placed 5th, but he also felt like he won because of how wonderful the event was! We joined a gym, but have become part of something much greater than that and it feels amazing! We definitely have come to the right place.”
– Karri L.

Karri and Maggie


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Skill/Strength: None
Buy-in: None
WOD: [1min Drills]
1min Max Cal Row
1min Max HR Push-up
1min Max AbMat Sit-up
1min Max MB Clean (20/14)
1min Max Double Under
1min Rest
5 Rounds, 30 min WOD
Score each round by tallying up Max Reps.

Optional Buy-out:
20-30min Mobility Session (coach will lead class through 15min structured mobility followed up by 10-15min additional to work on individual mobility needs).
Post scores to comment box below.

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