Wednesday 2.27.13

2013 CrossFit OPENS Update:
It’s hard to believe another year has passed and the first WOD of the 2013 CrossFit OPENS will be announced in just one week on Wednesday, March 6th at 8pm (ish).
Before getting into the details of how the OPENS will work at EXP please take a moment to register HERE if you haven’t already done so. Whether you are training for the games or are brand new to EXP we encourage all members to register for our CrossFit EXP Opens team and be a part of this experience.
Starting next week we will start our 2013 OPENS season. Many of our competition team and affiliate team athletes have been working hard for months, if not years, so they are as ready as possible for the 6 week Opens, NorthEast Regionals in May and CrossFit Games this summer.
Over the coming months we will all play an important role in helping our team, whether by posting a top 3 score, cheering each other on during a WOD or simply by being a part of the EXP community.
OPENS Details:
– Starting next week we will be setting up an EXP Open’s FB Group where all registered Team members can find OPEN’s information, post questions, find heat schedules, request judging outside dedicated times etc. (we will add registered athletes to that group next week).
– OPEN’s WOD’s will be posted by CrossFit HQ each week on Wednesday evening at ~8pm.
– Once we know the WOD we will be programming it in on Thursday for all classes. This will give you a chance to go through the WOD once to get a feel for it. Athletes will not be judged on Thursday’s (unless requested and arranged with a coach).
– Formal judging will take place on Sunday’s from 9-Noon for the 5 weeks of the OPENS. Open Gym will be cancelled during this time. Heats, judging schedule and all details will be posted on FB group feed each week by Saturday.
Ideal training schedule for Open’s Athletes is as follows:
Monday – Training Day
Tuesday – Training Day
Wednesday – Rest/Easy WOD/Mobility Day
Thursday – OPENS WOD
Friday – Training Day
Saturday – Rest/Easy WOD/Mobility Day
Sunday – OPENS WOD (Judged)

Amanda taking on DT Rx'd


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Skill/Strength: None
WOD: [1 Min Drills]
1 min Row (Max Cals)
1 min Max HR Push-up
1 min Max AbMat Sit-up
1 min Max MB Clean (20/14)
1 min Max Double Under
5 Rounds
Score Max Reps per round
15-20min Mobility Session
Post scores to comment box below.

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