Wednesday 4.17.13

The 2013 CrossFit Opens was an amazing experience that our EXP family got to share week to week, day to day for 5 weeks. Over that 5 weeks, we witnessed hard work, PRs, blood, sweat & tears. Fortunately, it all paid off!!!

This year, CrossFit EXP will be represented at the 2013 North East Regionals by both a team and an individual!

EXP Regionals Team: Leo, Matt W, Brian, Steph, Angela P, Mel. Alternates: Ryan, Matt E, Patrick, Stacey & L1 will also be training along side the team! Tiffany will be going as in individual.

All of our athletes thank each and every one of you for your support during the opens. A special thanks to Adam C, Dave L, Karri L, and Angela L who all contributed to a top 3 score during the opens!

The 2013 Regionals will be held at Reebok World Head Quarters in Canton, MA May 17th-19th. This is an amazing weekend you wont want to miss! Mark your calendars!


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Skill/Strength: None.
WOD: [ Leap Frog ]
With a partner complete the following:
200m Run/ Max Burpees
1 Partner runs a 200m, while the other accumulates as many burpees as possible.
20 min AMRAP
Buy-out: Mobility
Post scores to comment box below.


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